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On a day-to-day basis, I work with multiple clients developing content for their various social media pages. I also write quizzes, develop and deploy contests, create apps for the Facebook page, and more!



One of my favorite contests that I worked on was a wall contest for Glier's Goetta. For 12 days, we would post a riddle on their Facebook page describing a winter activity. People could enter the contest by commenting what activity we were describing for Mr. Goetta's Winter Adventure.

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Another contest that I worked on was the "Where's Tony?" contest for Cincinnati Country Day School. Based off the idea of "Where's Waldo?" we decided to hide the Head of School, Tony, in a photo. People could enter the contest by guess where Tony was hidden in the photo. We also ran promoted posts on Facebook to promote this contest. The results are below.

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This was a quiz I wrote for Cincinnati Country Day School. Visitors could visit the school's Facebook page and answer a series of questions that I created. Once they selected their answers they would be matched up with one of four personalities along with a description of why this described them. We originally ran this as a contest in which 185 people submitted their result.

This is a quiz that I created for Houdini's Room Escape. I wanted to do something a little more unique. Thinking of the quizzes that people find at the back of magazine's, I thought it would be cool to create a web in which people answer different questions to determine which room they should book at Houdini's for the weekend. Once they take the quiz, they can click on the room that they selected and they will be led straight to the website to book the room.



Utilizing the WordPress plugin, I have worked on the website team for roughly a year. In that time, my role has evolved from simply adding content to the site, to helping layout and design internal pages, to training clients on how to use websites after the site has launched. Since joining the website team I have worked on over 25 different websites in Cincinnati and across the country.


I have always been a big fan of video. I love writing scripts for different clients and working on a team to develop a video concept. In the past two years, I have worked on multiple different videos for different industries.

Process Improvement

It's important that work gets completed efficiently, while remaining as high quality as possible. In order to do that I'm always looking to improve. Client projects can constantly be improved. These improvements can be made through analyzing data, staying up-to-date on industry trends, and constantly monitoring the project. Process Improvement is also very important within the internal team. I recently created a qa form for our websites so that each website can be analyzed and checked for error before going live.

What People Have to Say

"Cynthia has been a great asset to the 2060 Digital marketing team as she is well versed in many departments of the company! While her primary focuses are assisting with the design and development of websites as well as working with the Social Media team to create monthly content for over 20 national clients, Cynthia's ambitious attitude allows her to coordinate various digital projects and see them through to completion. She possesses excellent time management skills that allows her to efficiently turn projects around to meet deadlines for clients. Having worked directly with Cynthia on several website projects, I can attest to her attention to detail. She is a positive, up-beat professional who is always willing to learn more. I would recommend Cynthia for any position, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with new opportunities." - Jenna Shoemaker

"I have known Cynthia for approximately 4 months while working at Miami University (OH) in the Office of Career Services in which Cynthia was our intern for social media.
Professionally, Cynthia has impressed me with her ability to analyze our data and present them in a easily understood fashion via a professional presentation to our group. Her role as intern was to manage and engage students on our social media outlets and I believe she has grown our followers in a short amount of time.
Personally, Cynthia is very involved in social media and demonstrates a high level of understanding for each strength of the social media platforms. She has been a great asset to our team because she is very coachable yet she has great ideas to bring to the table to help our team initiatives.
I would recommend Cynthia for any role as she has demonstrated that she is able to handle a project with ease and does so with a smile on her face!" - Kelly Thompson

"Cynthia is a very talented professional. For the last two years, she has driven our social media strategy with much success. I am particularly impressed by Cynthia's ability to work independently and without a great deal of direction. She started in our office when we were understaffed and I was able to tell her what I wanted and she divided a plan and executed the plan flawlessly. She demonstrates a great deal of maturity, a strong work ethic, and a great sense of humor. Working with Cynthia has been nothing short of a pleasure and any team would be lucky to have her." - Heather Christman